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    Hi Craig: I'm interested in buying a woodstove for the second floor of my house- which is the main living area. The area to be heated is about 650 square feet. I really like the Lopi Answer- but it's rated at 750-1300 sf. I also like the Avalon 790- which also is around 600-1200sf. The only smaller one I've seen is the Leprechaun- and I don't like the looks of it.
    1) Will I be constantly fighting overheating with the Lopi or Avalon- or is the heat controllable? No- they are good size for your areas
    2)If I do need to go to a smaller stove- can you recommend a quality one that has a large flame viewing area?
    3)Is there any inexpensive way to direct the heat downstairs in order to heat the first floor too- (other than just leaving the door open)?
    4)Do you have any thoughts about the quality of the Lopi vs. the Avalon?


    1. No they are a good size for your areas
    2. I prefer the Avalon 700 myself.
    3. It's difficult - if not impossible to "heat downward"
    4. Same company..I prefer the Avalon ...myself, but that is probably since I have more experience with them.

    (Note: Stove model names have changed since this question was asked!)
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