OWB piping and storage tank / new zone question

ABM2958 Posted By ABM2958, Sep 14, 2010 at 1:56 PM

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    I currently have an OWB with 1.25" lines that run to the house where they run through a coil for forced air heat.

    I'd like to add a one hundred gallon vertical tank into this loop, probably after the forced air coil, so that I could run a small zone out to the hot tub at some point and also possibly another zone to the garage after it is insulated.

    I'd also like to install either a sidearm on the gas water heater or the intake water through a heat exchanger to keep it from running all winter. From my reading here it seems that the sidearm is the preferred option but the ones I've seen all have 3/4" piping. So I guess my question regarding this is if I need to also run this off of the buffer tank before it would travel out to the hot tubs HX to keep from raising the head loss on the main boiler loop?

    For the piping through the tank I was thinking of running the water (from the forced air HX) into the bottom, having my new zone pull from the top of the tank (through sidearm and then to hot tub HX), with the return to the boiler being pushed out through a hole in the top third of the tank. If this could be hooked up better I would appreciate your input. Thanks
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