owners manual for the 1992 Austroflamm Integra FS needed.......

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Jul 28, 2015
Washington State
In my searching a couple guys on here said they have the manual and said they could send it PDF.

Would really love to have that manual as I am new to pellet stoves and having the manual would certainly help me to do things properly and avoid mistakes.

Thanks so much


[email protected]

Central Washington State


Jul 28, 2015
Washington State
Thank you for the trouble-shooting guide. I printed it.......

Hoping one of those guys that have the manual will email it to me.

Lake Girl

Nov 12, 2011
NW Ontario
Pellet stove repair website also had a link for the manual but it wouldn't load. May be able to contact them for a copy if no one has one here. They provide board repair so it may be a good website to bookmark just in case.


Feeling the Heat
I e-mailed it to you. Hopefully you get it as the .pdf attachment is 6 MB. Good luck with the stove!


New Member
Oct 13, 2018
I just bought a modular with this pellet stove. Have never had one nor even a regular fireplace. No Manual left behind for us. Can someone send me a manual please and anything you can recommend ... I'd appreciate it! Cleaning advice, which pellets work best etc. Any information greatly appreciated as i dont even know where to begin. Thanks much! [email protected]