Palladian/keystone question

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Feeling the Heat
Jan 17, 2019
Eastern CT
Can anyone who owns a keystone/Palladian confirm the actual firebox length? Will it fit an 18” split?
They’re listed as 16” recommended. I called Woodstock and they said no, won’t fit an 18”. But I did see some older threads in here where people have said you can go 18”.
(I know it would be best long term to go with the recommended 16” length, just wondering if it’s technically possible to use up a couple cord at 18”)
The lab test doc shows it at 18.75" deep.
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The lab test doc shows it at 18.75" deep.
Well, I guess that would be "wide" since it's a side-loader, but that figure sounds correct, because you can fit an 18" split straight in. I cut to 16" myself, to allow for the occasional long cut. You don't want to try to get one in that's too long, then close the door and push it into the stone on the other end! 😖 I'm pretty careful when trying to angle a long one into the box..I close the door real slow, to make sure it's not hitting.