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    I'd like to get some information on the Parlor Stove sold by Vogelzang. After doing some investigation on the web, I realized that this is the wood stove we have. It was in our house 7 years ago when we moved in. When I gathered info off the Vogelzang site, I found out that this stove is not U.L. listed, and that the Vogelzang stoves meet EPA requirements for "exempt" wood/coal burning appliances (stoves). It also says it may not be installed in a Mobile Home. What does all that mean?? Would it be any different for an enclosed patio? We are trying to decide if we should try to fix up the current stove, or spend over $1000 on a new one. We haven't found this one to be very efficient at keeping a fire going (the wood burns pretty fast), and we wondered if some basic maintenance would help (new gaskets, installation of a damper, new stove cement on seams)--or are we expecting too much from this stove (wanting it to keep an enclosed patio warm overnight)? One disturbing thing we notice with this stove, is that when it gets really heated up, it gives off an odor quite like burning paint. We wondered if the previous owners might have used and inappropriate (low temperature) paint on it. If so, can that be removed? How?


    The stove you have is not airtight and does not meet emission standards. "Exempt from EPA standards" means that it leaks so much air into the firebox that it is nearly impossible for it to be starved of air and cause a dirty burn. Open fireplaces are exempt in this way.

    Since the stove is not really designed for long burns, the fix-up will probably not help too much. However, a turn damper in the pipe will help you with longer burn times.

    The stove was never tested for use in a mobile home. Many mobile homes are very tight, so stoves tested for this use require outside air sources. There are also other requirements.

    The paint smell will probably go away if you burn the stove quite hot for a few hours. Open the windows and let the room air out while you do this.
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