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    I found your site very helpful! Thanks a lot. I'm confused about one thing though. Are the partially vented gas fireplace logs available? I couldn't find them easily on the net. How much more realistic are they than the vented ones? We have an old fireplace that we have never used because we aren't sure how safe it is. Do you think the partially vented might work for us? Of course we will have it checked out by the installer. Thanks


    Partially vented gas fireplace logs are available....the Peterson RG-6 series being one of the most popular available. You could also use the unvented...which also allow you to open the damper when you want to get rid of the heat. Either way- have a local certified chimney sweep look at your chimney. <p>
    UPDATE 2004<p>
    The term "partially vented" and "partial vent" is not popular in the industry any longer. Instead, you will find such terms as "reduced vent requirements" and "high efficiency". Talk to your dealer or contractor about your exact application in order to obtain the proper set for your needs.
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