Pb 105 furnace coming on


Minister of Fire
Have my thermostat set at 68. Have been running my boiler the last couple weeks. I just noticed the furnace also came on while the pellet boiler was running. Checked the temp gauge on oil boiler and it was up at 170 when it was running

Why would the oil boiler be firing up? Should I just turn it off while I'm using pellet boiler?
Nov 20, 2018
If your pellet stove furnace heats water for your sinks and bathtubs, then no, you probably don't need the oil furnace to be doing the same thing, unless the pellet furnace fails to get the water hot enough or doesn't have enough storage capacity to meet demand. If we are talking about heating the house only, then you might want the oil furnace thermostat set to a reasonable backup level, so it only runs if something goes wrong with the pellet furnace. For instance you could heat the house to 72° (22°) with the pellet furnace, and have the oil furnace come on if the temperature drops to 65 (18), or some such arrangement.