PE 27 super vs ironstrike tahoma

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Haven't seen a Tahoma in person. It looks like a basic 2 cu ft black box. It's a standard design tube stove, a bit like the Englander Madison. The Super 27 has a few unique features, most notably it's firebox, baffle and air control. The baffle is a large welded stainless steel box with secondary air flow on the bottom half and insulation on the upper half. The baffle box lifts out for easy flue cleaning. It sits on stainless rails holding pumice stone firebrick. The air damper controls not only the primary air but also the secondary air. The combination gives the Super 27 a notable long burn time for a 2 cu ft non-cat stove.


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Jul 1, 2012
SW Washington
I don't know the Tahoma either, but I do know the 27. Get it.;) A few hundred bucks is nothing over the long run.

It's true that a lot of us tend to recommend what we know and have, but I did a ton of research when I got my stove and I'm pretty familiar with the various non-catalytic styles. Nothing bad to say about the Tahoma, not being familiar with it, but from the web sites, it looks like a pretty generic stove of this size like you see in a lot of models in that price range. The 27 just seems to have a lot going for it for not a whole lot more money. No problems after 5 seasons now. Draws exceptionally well under a shorter than average flue.

Good luck. Let us know what you get.

BTW, now is the time to get your wood supply in order. How are you doing on that score? As you probably know by now, it's all about the wood. Dry wood.


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Sep 3, 2010
Eastern Ontario
Another " I don't know the Tahoma" reply.....
That being said, I am completely 100% satisfied with my Super 27. I have been running it since late 2010. It has operated flawlessly. My house is warmer and I use way less wood that my old "airtight" stove. It is very simple to control. My wife operates it from cold with complete confidence.

Did I mention that I am 100% satisfied with it.....



Nov 11, 2013
1 vote for the super27
Another big plus is stove clearances and hearth requirement.
super wins

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Burning Hunk
Jul 17, 2015
Put me firmly in the Super 27's corner.


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I have the t5, which is the 27 with a cast iron surround. Hands down, the best stove I've ever owned.