PE Summit LE -- convert from pedestal to legs?

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Burning Hunk
Jan 11, 2009
Lower Hudson New York
Tapping the hive mind yet again. Found what looks to be a decent deal on a PE Summit LE on the pedestal base. It will fit in the fireplace--only with legs installed. The web site shows 'Build your stove' with either pedestal or legs, so I assumed that this could be done after the fact.

Two questions--does anyone know:
  1. Are the PE Summit legs available aftermarket as a set?
  2. Are there variations over the model run so that there are different legs out there?
The PE web page sends you to the local dealer--nice enough guy but he wanted a serial number to confirm--apparently the part number on the exploded diagram is no longer valid. (I'll try the seller of the used stove to see if he can oblige with a serial#)

Thanks all....


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2014
Belair mb
I would think they are available. May take a while to get them.i know with my osburn they sell the legs or pedestal on their website.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
The shop may just want to verify the version of the Summit. It might be a bit more complicated due to the pedestal having a different ashpan arrangement than the legged version. Does the pedestal stove have an ash cleanout system? It was standard on the Classic, legged version. If you don't use the ash cleanout, then there is an ash system hole cover with a gasket that can seal it, but I think the ash drawer is still required in order to meet the ember only hearth insulation requirement.

The leg kit includes:
Ash drawer enclosure
Front cover (attached)
1/2" washers


Burning Hunk
Jan 11, 2009
Lower Hudson New York
As always--thanks everyone.

I'm amazed--I just got the call that the parts for the Jotul have arrived!
So short term, I will try to get it back together, and see how we do for another season.

I'm still going pull the new liner and redo the block off--but I will post about that when I get stuck!