PE Summit -- Secondaries at Baffle rear & Baffle Gaskets

Dave A. Posted By Dave A., Mar 30, 2013 at 7:40 PM

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    Ran some searches on summit secondaries and saw a few old threads on this-- one there was mention by a few that it's normal to see the secondaries in the gasket area. In the other threads Begreen makes a point that if you see secondaries there, it means the baffle gasket isn't installed right.

    And then the thread where Hogz takes out the baffle and has photos of it, makes a point that there are no holes in the baffle back there, his had a hole drilled incorrectly in the attachment bracket and when he redrilled the hole, he stopped seeing secondaries there.

    Hogz said:

    "I took my cirdelss drill and with the baffle in proper alignment & place, drilled a new "properly placed" hole just under the "poorly placed" factory hole, and the pin went in real nice and baffle stayed in proper place & alignment. After I achieved secondary burn on the newly cleaned out stove tonight, there was no secondary burn at the back of the stove."

    Also "I hope this helps clear up the misconception that there is secondary burn holes at the rear of the baffle. If you are getting secondary burn at the rear, check for a badly drilled baffle pin hole, and check you rear baffle to secondary tube gasket."

    Not sure why he's changing his opinion more recently. I'm going to try refitting the gasket checking the hook up to see if I can stop the secondaries from coming from the back at the gasket area.

    BTW about the baffle gasket. it looks like they're using a different baffle gasket now on series B Summits (serial # greater than15,xxx.)

    Reason I say this is I ordered extra baffle gaskets with my order for the Summit and they sent the old style ones for Series A -- they are only about 4" long and just go around the secondary air column entrance into baffle. The one that came on my stove runs the whole length of the baffle and rests on the ledge that baffle sits on at back wall maybe 18" long with the opening for the air column in the center (but the gasket has a tear in it).

    My Series B insert manual does not mention the new style gasket but the manual for the Summit Classic Series b (freestanding stove, not insert) mentions the new part number for this gasket. Just trying to determine if I should be exchanging what I got and contacting the dealer. Don't want to do that and then find out I was mistaken. New part # Sumb.3139.6, old one is summ3139.5.

    Anyone know more about this?
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    See responses in the other thread. Photos included.

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