Pellet Stove Master @ East Coast Hearth Teams up with Ardisam,Whitfield, Piazetta,Kozy,PE and more!

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH

We have been working hard here to provide the parts you need at the best price! Our low overhead is making that happen!

We have made more significant alliances with more Major Manufacturers and distributors for Authorized Sales, Service and support of the following Brands of Pellet, Wood and Gas Stoves and Fireplaces:

Our new brands!
Thelin - Authorized service - All models Gas, Pellet - Parlour, Gnome...etc
Whitfield - Lennox and original Whitfield pellet stoves and all OEM parts!
Ardisam - Castle and Cumberland pellet stoves and Fireplaces and parts:
Piazetta - SC and SY series 90% efficient pellet stoves and parts
Kozy Heat - All models stoves and parts
Vista Flame - All models stoves and parts
Pacific Energy - Warmland, Wood, Pellet, And Gas Stoves and Fireplaces and parts
Thief River Falls & Slayton Fireplaces!


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