Pellet stove venting by window

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Feb 18, 2024
Okay so question. I’m going to utilize an OAK. And I will be within 3 feet of a window (off to the side of it.) Does it ALSO have to be a foot below or above the window as well? Or does the above/below rule only apply if you’re installing the stove in front of a window and venting out above below window as opposed to the side of it?
Oak dosen't matter, Exhaust vent got to get away from window. I don't remember the specs code wise but 3 ft sounds short if that is the actual termination point
Through the widow if you want
or anywhere around it
You are pulling air for the stove and into said stove
so it don't matter you are not breathing it
I was just correcting him saying an OAK makes it to where you can install exhaust vent closer than 48” to the side of a window. My only question was if it’s okay to be 12” to the side of the window without also having to be above or below it by 12”. As long as it’s 12” away from the window in either an above or below or to the side configuration (using an OAK.)
You can be beside a window without being above/below it as long as you follow the clearance requirement to the side. Mine happens to be just a tinge below the window because that is where I needed it - I could have raised it up without any issues.

Pellet stove venting by window
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