Q&A Pellet VS. Vent Free

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Nov 27, 2012

Pellet VS. Vent Free

I just read your commentary on Pellet stoves and Vent Free logs.... Very well done.

I am adding additional heat to my very large and very old house. it has a brand new fuel oil steam heat system now, but is only comfortable at $3000 a winter, in PA. (fuel is about .85-.99 a gallon depending on the time of year)...

I use a kerosene heater in the main living room, while we are home for comfortable heat. (my wife and child like it very warm)...

the large living room has 11 foot ceilings, as well as the rest of the house. I want to install vent free gas logs into the old fireplace and use propane... (gas is not available in my area)... LP is $37 per 100 lbs delivered. Will gas heat well for a moderate price.....


a pellet stove... I looked at pellet stoves, they seem very nice. I am looking for something I can thermostat control, and possibly leave unattended. Pellets are available in my area for 2.50-3.75 per 40lbs... How long will a pellet stone realistic run on full? How many hours?


Both fuels that you mention cost more per BTU than the fuel oil or Kerosene. You can't fool mother nature, and your house must have a large BTU Heat loss. To Compare prices of fuels, try the handy calculator at the link belowl

Fuel oil at less than a buck is well cheaper than the others. Still, if you like space heat and the view of the fire, you might want the Pellet Stove or logs. The Pellet Stove is made for more hard use, whereas a vent-free logs should only be used a few hours a day at most.

Compare the costs of common fuels at:

Link: Compare the costs of Common Fuels
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