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Dec 16, 2022
I installed a Pelpro 130 yesterday. Initial burn went well. Stove ran all day today with no issues. Mid afternoon it shut off and blinked one red blink, hopper was low so added one bag of pellets. Then I cleaned the burn pot.
Turned dial to number 3, light blinked green, blower turns on, igniter turns on but no pellets drop.
The light continues to blink green, then it blinks red (not sure how many) and then blinks green again and it sounds like the blower starts back up.
Emptied the hopper and the auger doesn’t seem to be jammed. Turn the stove back on and the same sequence keeps happening.

Any ideas about what might be causing the issue?

Check the hopper lid switch if it does not make a closed circuit when the hopper lid is shut then pellets will not feed!
How many red blinks? That will help tell us at what part of the sequence it is failing. Also, here is the trouble shooting manual. It has flow charts to help you troubleshoot.


  • PP130ServiceMAnual.pdf
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Sometimes there would be no red blinks, sometimes there would be two red blinks, and sometimes four red blinks. It wasn’t consistent.

So we Unloaded and cleaned out the auger, no jam. Reloaded the hopper.
Hopper switch working fine and plugged in.
Feed motor plugged in.
Fire pot cleaned.
Igniter was working.

Finally figured out what the problem was.

The feed motor might have moved during shipping? The motor was on and turning but not turning the auger. We could spin the auger freely (no jam).

The metal plate on the feed motor( circled in pink) was not in contact with the metal plate on the auger side. So I had to push the motor up toward the auger, so that the two little tabs on the auger side (circled in blue) would make contact with the metal plate on the feed motor, and engage the auger.

Just posting the solution in case someone else runs into this problem. It’s been working all day today, hopefully it continues to work.

Pelpro 130 Pelpro 130
No, that makes no sense. You should not be able to "push the motor up" as you describe. That hair pin connects the auger shaft to the motor shaft, the auger cannot come down further, so I suspect the motor has an internal problem, and will happen again, probably when it gets hot.
If you look at the other side of the Pelpro Feed motor you will see a black tab connected to the auger end plate with a round circle. See picture below.
This tab is a motor stop so when the motor shaft turns the tab stops the motor case from turning also. If the motor hangs down too much it may not hit the tab.

Pelpro 130
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Noticed that on mine too when I was troubleshooting no feed. That actually wasn't my problem though. Wife completely filled hopper, lid would shut due to pellets under the door switch and she must have forced it down. Bent the mount for the door switch so I replaced it with a magnetic switch instead.
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