Pelpro PP130 not igniting

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New Member
Dec 17, 2022
We bought a Pelpro PP130 and it is not igniting. We have done the start up sequence twice. It drops pellets, blower fan runs and nothing then it starts to flash red. When we got the stove we had to replace the control board because a capacitor was broken off of the board. We replaced that and thought that would be the end of our issues but now it will not ignite. Any ideas on how we can troubleshoot or fix this issue? I’m extremely frustrated at this point. Thanks for any advice .


Feeling the Heat
Jan 22, 2021
Sounds like an issue with the igniter. I have had to replace mine on my PP130 before.

Either the igniter is bad or it is not getting voltage. I have attached the service manual which should show how to test it. If you need to heat with the stove prior to a replacement igniter arriving you can manually light the stove. I did that while waiting for mine to arrive.


  • PP130ServiceMAnual.pdf
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