Pelpro pp130 turns on and shuts off

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Mar 12, 2023
This is my first post and need some assistance. I have a pelpro pp130 that was purchased in 2018. I have had no problems with it until this year. I have had yearly cleanings and keep up with everything I need to throughout the year.

My stove will turn on, trickle pellets light and the blower will start blowing. The stove will then go into shutdown mode. this will repeat a few times. the stove will run sometimes when the control dial light is solid green.I have reached out to pelpro but I can't seem to get them to respond back. I have replaced the vacuum sensor, temp probe and control board. the last thing I can think to replace it the dial control but that will be the last thing I replace because I can't keep replacing all of the parts. I would be better off getting a new stove.

Ant help would be appreciated.
the blower will start blowing
What blower the exhaust blower or room blower? Is the stove giving you any error messages? Do you have the below service manual? About half way through manual it gives trouble shooting steps.


  • PP130ServiceMAnual.pdf
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blower is blowing
Your stove has two blowers, a combustion/exhaust blower that blows smoke out side of house and a convection/room blower that blows heat into your house. The exhaust blower should run as soon as you push on, if it does not then the stove will shut down with a vacuum error. The room blower should start up when the stove reaches a certain temperature usually between 110-125 for most stoves, if this blower does not start you should get a proof of fire error. Does your room blower come on before the stove goes into shutdown mode? Do you let the stove go all the way through the shutdown mode or do you try to restart as soon as it starts shutdown? Sometimes you have to let stove complete the first shutdown mode before it will show you a error message.
The stove will then go into shutdown mode. this will repeat a few times.
When you say this will repeat a few times do you mean it does it on it own shutdown the starts up without you pushing on again or do you mean it does it when you are trying to restart it?
the room blower comes on during start up and the other blower comes on as soon as the stove is turned on. I am at a loss for that the issue is. if I can't get it figured out this week I think I am going to break down and but a Harman p61 stove
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it does it on its own. if I leave the temp setting alone it will do it a few times until I adjust it
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And your getting no error blinking lights
Pelpro pp130 turns on and shuts off
no error codes. it will start, run through the start up process and then shut down after 5 min or so. it will shut down all the way and then be off for 5 to 15 min and do it all over again. now sometimes when I start it it will run normal.
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Starts and stops frequently in automatic mode
• Determine if your room is experiencing varying temperatures due to repeated opening/closing of doors or
windows—correct if necessary
• Examine Stove body (Zone 2)
- Inspect ambient probe and confirm that at least 2” is exposed outside of Stove body
Without any errors or faults, I would think that it is a hardwiring issue. But due to your indication that it is shutting down under control, I think otherwise.

Most of the devices that are used in the stove operation have an alarm or error condition programmed in the stoves control board.
An controlled shutdown would indicate that an alarm has occured, and the led would flash.
the last thing I can think to replace it the dial control

if I leave the temp setting alone it will do it a few times until I adjust it
Try some electronic spray cleaner in the control dial. With stove off remove plastic dial and spray some electronic cleaner down the shaft. Work the dial back and forth a number of times to move the spray around in side the control dial/potentiometer. There are a number of you tube videos on how to clean pots/potentiometers they are the same thing used as volume controls.
I am experiencing same issue, as far as I can tell. Turn stove on, set dial to any position, pellets drop, then light starts flashing yellow like in shut down mode. stove doesn't initiate fire. No error codes, all fans working as designed. stove has worked well for 4 seasons previously. burnt a ton and a half until this. Acts like room temp. at desired. disconnected room probe and repowered stove to prove that it will set code for that sensor. sensor tests at 12000 ohms +/- 70 degrees, 10000+/- at 85 degrees. cannot find info on correct readings for probe. this happened all at once, stove was burning well then would go into shut down early a few times per day a couple days before ultimate failure. Of course, it is the weekend and no tech available. anyone find repair for this issue?
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