PP130 powers on and then shuts off

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Mar 7, 2024
Hey all, posting this thread for my father's PP130 stove, he's not exactly the most tech savvy or computer literate so I'm posting for him. The stove is only a few years old and was used all of 2021/22 all the way up until a couple days ago with no issues.

As he explained it to me his stove will turn on, start feeding the pellets and then just shuts off like it lost all its power. He doesn't get any blinking light error codes or anything it just turns off. He keeps everything pretty clean, the exhaust firepot, all of it gets cleaned regularly. He thinks it might be an issue with the snap disc or possibly even the fuse on the control board.

Fingers crossed it's just a fuse and not the whole control board, those things are expensive. Anyone have any other ideas on what could be causing it to just lose power? Or any other information I should ask from him. Thanks in advance.
I'll let others that have more experience with this stove chime in, but I will say that it sounds like an intermittent power problem. I wouldn't think fuse, unless it is some sort of self resetting as once a fuse blows, its done. I'd look for something more electrical path related, either that or maybe the board is cooked?

my father's PP130 stove
If this is a PelPro 130 here is the tech manual and operator manual. If stove shuts down there should be some sort of blinking light. With no further information I would suspect the exhaust probe, but that is just a guess.


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then just shuts off like it lost all its power
Does it just turn off, or does it go into shutdown mode? "Like it lost all its power" is the exhaust blower still running or does the stove fill with smoke with no venting of the smoke? If it just turns off with no exhaust fan running then something on control board could be bad. How does he get "power" back to stove, by turning dial to off and back to hi, by waiting for stove to cool off then turning dial to off and back to hi or does he have to unplug stove at outlet and then plug it back in? Is he using a self resetting surge protector, could that be tripping then resetting itself?
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What elevation and how much vertical venting do you have? Elbows? Is it appropriate to the minimum in the manual? I've found that venting these stoves to the minimum specs in the manual makes all the difference. I also found the quality of the parts is sketchy. Out of the box, I had to replace the control board and vacuum switch. That was disappointing, to say the least.