PF-100 Blower questiong

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Jan 23, 2011
Dunbarton, NH
Are these interchangeable with different ones? I have the smaller one (1000cfm I think) and I don't think its going to cut it for my house. So I'm wondering if I could use a different one with a higher CFM. The bigger one from harman is pretty big money, and I don't think I want to spend that right yet...


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Nov 1, 2009
Brimfield, MA
I have the 1650 cfm from Harman. That's the biggest one they make. I've never used it on high. As a matter of fact, I used it on low all last season with a better result than medium. Seems the lower speed holds the heat in the air better and the higher speed gets it up to temp faster than the lower speed. Once the house is up to temp, I just leave it on low.

To answer your question, the motor is made by Dayton. The bracket/duct housing that attaches it to the motor and PF100 is supplied by Harman. If the bracket/duct housing will adapt to another motor, you could use it as long as it's the right voltage motor. So I do believe the bracket on the motor you have will accommodate a larger motor as long as the bolt pattern on the motor agrees with the bolt pattern on the bracket. The air feed duct size is the same. That doesn't change regardless what size motor you put on it.


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Feb 27, 2008
of the many dozens of PF100's that I've dealt with, maybe 2-3 use any of the larger capacity blowers. I wouldn't assume you need a larger one. the 1000cfm is no slouch.
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