Piazzetta Sabrina . ENS code

gdacosta Posted By gdacosta, Nov 25, 2017 at 1:17 PM

  1. gdacosta

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    Nov 25, 2017
    Hi Pascal, i have a piazzetta sabrina that is showing the following message when it is off. "OFF EN" when its on the code changes to ENS or EN5. It runs for a couple of hours then it shuts off. Any ideas on how to fix it.... thanks
  2. Pascal_Maertens

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Mont-Laurier, Qc
    well I think that your stove is simply on energy saving mode. this allow you stove to turn on and off automatically it should be set stop 1°C and start -1°C . for example; if your stove is set to 20°C it will shut off when the temperature is above 20°C +1°C, actually at 21.5°C. The stove display, does not show the 0,5°C but it manage is it. Same thing when going down the stove will start only once the temps is bellow 20°C - 1°C =18,5°C

    if you do not want this to happen cause the stove is constantly running on and off well you can go in the menu » energy saving » set » stop » OFF » set » start OFF » set and the energy saving will be off be sure to put them both to off. remember to run your stove to power level P3 or the auto cleaning will not occur.

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