Pictures from my neck of the woods; eastern Quebec.

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    Jim, the way the land was divided around the peninsula, and along the St-Lawrence river was based on the seigneurial system of New France adopted by the british when they took possesion with the act of Quebec in 1774. And the peninsula was the only place in Quebec where they were giving ''Seigneurie'' didn't have to be occupied year round, because in the beggining (1700) the peninsula was only occupied in the summer time by the fishing company from the old continent (Cod fishing) they have pecial right to not developped the seignerie... so re-thinking about it, it was a big show stopper to develop the area. Company / Lords & Buisines man were only using the shore of there seigneurie for temporary fishing installation instead of trying to develop the place with bringing people and economy to the seigneurie.

    so all around the peninsula, you have rows, that are 1mile deep. In my area, it ges to row 15, and after that, it's what we,re callinf ''Crown Land'' I would said that 70% of the peninsula is provncial owned property. So, all the row were divided in long narrow lot, depneding on where it was, they were from 400 feet to 1200 feet wide, so ranging from 40 to 120 cares.... A lot of lot have been subdivised , cut, re loted for building , ect.... but there is still a bunch of them, in the country that have there original size, they are just wood lot, that have been in some families for over hundred My home town, most of the lot we're 80 acres... so even now, we're still using the ''lot'' as a measure.... for example... : I bough 1/2 (instead of saying 40 acres) a lot in row 6 for $$$..... and most of the lot were devided on the with, not on the lenght, and mostly in succession, so now you can see quite a few small lot of approx 20 acres strip of land that are 1 mile long and 150 feet wide.....

    Anyway, just of hint of history from the peninsula and the Chaleur bay, one the the most beautiful bay in the world (Chaleur Bay)
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    Fi-Q: Great explanation regarding the Seigneurie system. I was going to start talking about it but figured it would be easier to let someone else. Very well done!

    I sent you a PM> I have never met anyone on here who is from the Gaspésie!!

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