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dogwood Posted By dogwood, Jun 14, 2010 at 3:56 PM

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  1. dogwood

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    I need to purchase pipe insulation for 1 1/2" black iron pipe for the supply and returns to my Solo Innova and storage tank. My local vendor does not carry that size. I believe the pipe's outside diameter is 1 7/8 ". Does anybody know a a supplier I could order this from, preferably with reasonable prices. I'll be needing 100 or more feet. All the pipe will be indoors either in the boiler room or in the attic for the most part, nothing buried.

    Also, I notice there are different types of pipe insulation. I've seen a black rubbery kind, and another kind that looks like yellow fiberglass with a white covering. and maybe other types. What should I be looking for? Is one type preferable to another? Is there an insulation (R?) value, or thickness, I should be shooting for? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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