Pleasant Hearth 2200 sq ft or Drolet Classic EPA

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Sep 28, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
Drolet Classic EPA

Pleasant Hearth 2200 sq ft

Looking for advice on purchasing new wood stove. Heating about 1800 sq ft. A significant portion of chimney will have to be outside whether it's through the wall or ceiling, I'm not sure yet.

We live in NB Canada so winters are long and cold. Heating with hardwood, that has not been well seasoned but will be in front of dehumidifier and space heater for a few months.
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Drolet makes very good stoves, I have owned 2 in the past, depending on the layout of your house
it should heat well, but if your wood is pretty wet no stove will work very well. the dehumidifier and space
heater will not help dry the wood much, sorry to say.
I just bought the drolet ht2000 for 1200 and it's honestly way bigger than pleasant hearth and that was why I chose drolet

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Opted to go with the Drolet as we got a much better price on that one.

Not much we can do about the unseasoned wood at this stage. No one seems to be selling seasoned wood. We bought enough this year that at least next year it will be seasoned.
I bought the drolet too and this year my wood is probably not going to be seasoned well eather.what model did you buy?

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