Pleasant Hearth 2200 vs Drolet Austral III

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My preference would be the Austral III as long as clearances can be met. It's a larger, firebox that will load N/S and E/W with full-sized splits. Overall it is a better designed and made stove. Note that this model has no side shielding panels so it is quite radiant and has a higher clearance requirement than its siblings, the Legend and Myriad models. That's a good price on the stove. It went up this year and typically sells for around $1400.
Yeah, plus if I buy it tomorrow I get 10% off!
That's nice! Make sure it is still in stock or that you can get a raincheck for the sale price.
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Great price if you can get it. looks to be OOS.
I like the 21" firebox depth compared to my Peasant Hearth 2200 which is listed @17"but a real world 14" log cap. S.
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