please help newbee with chimney design

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New Member
Jan 14, 2024
ithaca ny
hi all, I've just bought a house in upstate NY and would like to put a wood burning stove in. I'm not clear about the chimney system. It's a single story ranch house with a metal roof.

First question is should i go though the wall or the ceiling? I'm planning to put the stove in the living room which has an outside wall and I'm happy to space the stove 18 to 24" from the wall so i was thinking single wall pipe on the inside.

Looking at the cost of the Duravent stuff, it seems the pipe will end up costing more than the stove (which i'll buy second hand), so I'm guessing through the ceiling/roof will be cheaper since doesn't need the Tee and all the other stuff and the double wall section will be sorter. Is that correct?

I know I should use an air intake pipe to feed the stove with outside air to avoid sucking cold air into the house. does that air intake pipe need to be anything special? will single wall be ok. should it be 4 or 6"

Also, i'm thinking a lot of heat will go straight out the chimney with a though the roof chimney. Is it ok to put a ceiling fan above the stove to help circulate the hot air more efficiently?

Straight up is better for many reasons.
Look for Selkirk supervent. It’s sold at many box stores, much cheaper and still a solid product.
Your outside air supply will be either 3 or 4”. Single wall flex is fine for that.
Using a box fan on low aiming toward the stove from a distance is most effective.
The first one is for a flat ceiling, second is for a cathedral. It will work on both ceiling types though, unlike the first one.
Maybe, if it’s an old smoke dragon. Hopefully you will be picking up a modern stove. Not needed or recommended for modern stoves.
Depending on the length of your chimney a damper may be needed. If it is 25 foot or less you probably do not need one.
Menards has good prices on Supervent products. I’d price match that with Lowe’s.
ok thanks, its a single story house so i expect a total length chimney of about 10-12' so i guess not needed then

With a chimney that short your more likely to have the opposite problem, not enough draft. If you haven't purchased the stove yet make sure you get an "easy breathing" stove.
since i'm buying second hand i doubt it will come with a full spec sheet. how would i know if its "easy breathing" or not. is there something specific i should look for?
Drolets, regencys and Pacific energy's are generally considered easy breathing brands, I'm sure there are a few other brands as well