Possible new Blaze King Princess...

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Burning Hunk
Hearth Supporter
Oct 20, 2008
So, since my old Englander insert seems shot, I've been looking around for a replacement and was keen on the BK Princess for the longer, slower burns which I think would work out with our milder winters here. Got some pricing from a local dealer and was wondering if this seems inline with what everyone else has been paying this year...

Blaze King Princess 29 Fireplace Wood Burning Insert - 3,700
Blaze King Painted Door Black - 500
Blaze King Medium Shroud Princess Insert - 450
Delivery & Install - 500.00

This is with no chimney or liner work, just connecting it to my current liner. Out the door with tax, it's like 5500.

Also, was wondering what the max size split is for this unit, some say 16'" some 18"+. Most of my wood is in the 18" range for the englander with some slightly larger because you can cram them in there up to 19" or so. I wouldn't be too keen on cutting everything down to 16"...sigh.
16" is best, but it looks like the Princess insert will handle up to 18" splits loaded E/W. Put the occasional 19" split in diagonally on top of the other wood until this season's stash is all used up.