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    I have been offered a Pot Belly Stove which is currently in storage. I wanted to get an alternate non-fossil fuel heat (and possibly cooking) source for my home in case of emergency. I have a few questions about this particular model of stove:

    1. Would I be better off passing on the offer and get a new version of a wood burning stove?
    2. Assuming that I have a professional install a chimney and this stove would be placed in the basement of a two story house, in this particular case is there any advantage to masonry vs metal chimney (#2 in your article)?
    3. Will the EPA Nazi's come after me for even attempting to install something like this even though I would not use it on a day to day basis?
    4. Will I cause more harm (or create potential fire hazard) by not using the stove regularly?


    1. For occasional and emergency use you are probably OK if the stove is sound.
    2. Metal can draft better and warm quicker..but if masonry is the look you desire on the outside of your home, then go for it.
    3. No, in most areas, used stoves are grandfathered. Exception is certain districts like Denver, Reno, etc.
    4. No, use it as you like. An older stove that lets in lots of combustion air is not likely to be a big creosote producer.
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