Princess 29 insert sq ft. question

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New Member
Sep 10, 2023
I'm considering a Princess 29 for my home. Due to the size of my fireplace, it's the only sizeable insert I can fit without going to the smallest Regency models with a 1.3 cu ft firebox (the other option I was considering). My house is 2 stories, built in the 50's, 1300 sq ft, and the room it would be in is about 180 sq ft. Would the princess be a good fit or would it bake me out of my house?
180 sq ft is a small space for any wood stove. Is the room closed off from the rest of the house by a small doorway or open to it?
There's an opening to a hall leading to the rest of the downstairs and a stairway to the upper floor in that room. There was a large old unit there before that never heated us out, but it only lasted 3 hours on a load...that's why we're in the market.
As long as the heat has a good convective path out of the room it should work. The Princess is probably a good choice in that case.