PS35 auger will not feed


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Mar 16, 2019
My Heatilater PS35 will not feed pellets. I’ve checked snap disc, etc. removed the auger and cleaned the chute, etc. my question is with the auger removed shouldn’t I be able to turn the auger by hand while holding the motor? I removed the motor from the auger and the motor still will not turn. It seems like the motor itself is bound, frozen up. I’m thinking the motor is bad but before I spend $$ to buy a new motor I’m looking for others thoughts that may be more familiar with these stoves for ideas if this is a motor problem or if there’s something else I need to check, replace?
Thanks for any responses that may help me solve this problem and get the stove back up and running soon. Still cold here in Maine and I hate to run the propane furnace

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Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
If you're trying to turn the output shaft of the gearmotor, it won't happen. There is a lot of gear reduction in there that makes turning the output shaft nearly impossible.

Are you getting voltage to the motor?

If not, have you tried jumpering the vacuum switch?
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