Q&A Put Unvented Logs in Vented gas fireplace?

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 30, 2003 at 2:20 PM

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    We recently bought a house with a vented gas fireplace in the living room. Unfortunately, the room is very large 500 sq. feet, and the fireplace provides almost no heat. We want to buy ventless gas logs to replace the vented set we now have. A salesman told us we had to check with the manufacturer of our fireplace to see if ventless is safe. We cannot find any tags or marks stating the manufacturer. Is what the salesman said correct and is there any way of finding out who made our fireplace?


    If the fireplace was made only as a vented gas fireplace, then it is highly doubtful that you can replace the existing logs with vent-free.

    To my knowledge, vent-free are only allowed in approved WOOD burning fireplaces or pre-fab units built for the logs. This would eliminate your unit.

    Most fireplaces do have an ID tag riveted to the body, usually somewhere near the face of the unit. If you cannot find this, perhaps you can ask the builder (if never home) or former homeowner for info. As a last effort, perhaps an experience chimney sweep can identify the unit. --
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