Quadra-fire 1100i green light never goes off and red never goes off

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New Member
Dec 11, 2021
Bridgewater, NS
I have a quadra fire 1100i. It starts up fine, and both fans come on at the correct time. But the green light on the control box is always on. When fire is fully on, lighting against angle plate in chamber. I read .004v across the two thermocouple wires (attached to block). But the green light on the control box is always on, flame or no flame, even if thermocouple is completely disconnected. Does that sound like a thermocouple or control box issue?

Because red light never comes on it shuts down feed after about 15 minutes, so the o ly way to use it is hit the reset or jog thermostat every 14 minutes.
new control box is needed. lights should only come on as temperatures rise in start up mode