Quadra Fire 7100 glass slipping

Village Idiot Posted By Village Idiot, Jan 2, 2013 at 8:07 PM

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    I recently noticed that my fires were burning more actively that usual even with the air control closed down as much as possible. The next morning prior to loading again, I took a look at the doors to check the gaskets. I could see that one of the gaskets for the glass was out of position. No wonder the fire was rocking.

    After a close inspection, I saw that the glass was crooked. I can only guess that with heating and cooling, the brackets loosened enough for the glass to slip. I loosened the bracket screws (some did not seem very tight), adjusted the glass, repositioned the gasket, and tightened the screws.

    How tight do you go with the screws? I do not want to crack the glass, but I would like to keep the glass from moving again.

    The gasket that slipped out of position is no longer black like the rest of it. It is white and seems to have lost its flex. Kind of "crunchy" actually. The fire seems to be burning normally, but do people think it is a good idea to replace it?

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