Quadra Fire CB 1200i keeps shutting down and call light always on.

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New Member
Mar 15, 2018
I need help! My QF Classic Bay 1200i is acting up and I can’t figure it out. The call light wasn’t working for like a year and I changed the bulb but the stove would run off the thermostat. All of the sudden the call light turns on and won’t turn off and ever since then, The stive doesn’t function properly.. the pellets will drop, Fire starts but burn out fairly quick..I changed the control box thinking that was the problem.. the call light is still on..then I went as far as to change the thermocouple...still the same problem.. vacuumed inside the pot, cleaned everything etc.. don’t know where to go from here.. HELP!
what specifically do you mean by doesn’t function properly? The call light on means the stove see’s a need for heat. If you disconnect the thermostat wires and plug the stove in there should be no light. Maybe a tstat wire has chafed and is touching some where.
Ok I did disconnect the thermostat and that call light went off. I restarted the stove and the pellets werent dropping. I tried to hit the rest button and still nothing. The convection fan is on though. the auger worked last night when the thermostat wires were hooked it.. i don’t think it’s reversing bc I felt the auger moving clockwise. Could it be the vacuum being clogged? That’s the next step I will be taking.. any other suggestions?
On your new control box did you set the resessed dial to “1” ?
Evidently you got something going on with your new thermocouple. Bad wire connections or even tho it is new, a bad tcouple. Is it an OEM or after market tcouple ? Lots of folks have been having issues with the after market ones. kap
It’s a OEM thermocouple.. Ok so we pulled the hopper cover off and we noticed the auger is reversing..its going counter clockwise.. the pellets are getting pushed up.. is that correct?
No. Auger should be turning clockwise. (Looking from the motor down.) This says you have a bad capacitor. You can get a capacitor jumper for around 16.00 to 20.00. Cheaper then buying a new auger motor to get a new capacitor. Should be able to find some online. If not, I bought a few when I heard Quad was going to quit making them. kap
A capacitor jumper, is what it is called. just google Quad parts and check places out that sell parts. kap
You are looking for part # 230-2150. kap