quadrafire 1200i

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    Is my Quadrafire 1200i board bad? How can I tell?

    Auger wasn't working. Got that fixed. Dumb Move #1--pulled out the ash tray while current was flowing to the igniter. Very tiny spark noted. ;em ;em ;em Everything continued to work fine except the igniter wouldn't heat. Current status is that everything works perfectly except the igniter...
  2. J

    Quadra Fire CB 1200i keeps shutting down and call light always on.

    I need help! My QF Classic Bay 1200i is acting up and I can’t figure it out. The call light wasn’t working for like a year and I changed the bulb but the stove would run off the thermostat. All of the sudden the call light turns on and won’t turn off and ever since then, The stive doesn’t...
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    Classic Bay 1200i - Room Blower

    Room blower will not turn on. Brand new fan. Brand new snap disc. if I jump the purple wires it works. Could this be an airflow issue getting air to the snap disc? It doesn’t physically touch anything once installed and screwed in, so wondering if maybe the exhaust ports at the base of the...
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    QuadraFire 1200i inset

    Greetings everyone, I installed a Quadrafire 1200i about a month ago with a new liner kit up the chimney. This unit comes with an external thermostat. I got a message that the pellet stove have ashes coming out of the stove, and it goes into shutdown. Are there error codes on the...