Quadra Fire Mt Vernon E2 Auger question

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Jan 10, 2008
HUdson Valley NY
Happy Thanksgiving!

About two years ago, I purchased this Mt Vernon E2 from a dealer friend who was closing his business. The pellet stove was in the showroom, and it was turned on a handful of times. So I stored it in my garage, and today, I set it up. I had a hard time because it came with a 3rd party wireless thermostat with generic instructions, and the pellet stove's installation manual refers to a hard-wired thermostat. That is all settled, but I cannot get it to start. It goes through the priming process, then I can hear the auger motor turn, but not the arm, so no pellets are released. Could the arm get disconnected from the motor? And if yes, how do I go about reconnecting it? Any other suggestions?

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Hello everyone, so two new things happen. The inside wireless box also needed to be linked to the other units, and I checked the top of the pellet stove since it was removed for transportation. It turns out that I was missing one of the gaskets; once I replaced it and did the priming procedure, the pellet stove started to feed pellets! So I turned the pellet stove off so I could close the side panel, remove my tools, and pour a bag of pellets. So, an hour later, I tried to get the stove started, and no pellets were fed again. There is a continuously blinking green light, which, according to the manual, it means: "Appliance is in the start-up/ignition sequence or in shutdown.

I feel lost because I used to own a Mt Vernon AE for many years, and it seems to me that it was much simpler to operate.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated on this frigid night!

I don't have any immediate suggestions, but I have a similar stove in working order and can help answer how things "should" operate. I've never had a problem with the auger function in the 5-6 years I've heated with it *knocks on wood*
There is a small gear reduction box between the motor and the auger at the top of the auger tube, maybe there's an internal problem in the gearbox?