Quadra-Fire MT Vernon Pellet Insert Hopper Lid Switch issue

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Dan Silvia

Jan 23, 2013
I have a Quadra-Fire MT Vernon Pellet Insert Hopper Lid Switch issue. I just replaced the switch cause my thermostat indicated that the hopper lid was open. I look at the switch on the door handle and there is a magnet which indicates the door is closed. Is there suppose to be a magnet on the hopper lid? Or is the lid suppose to make a connection to the switch when you close the hopper lid which will cause the icon disappear on the thermostat.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Dan! Not sure if you figured it out, but I have a Quad Mt Vernon AE and yes there is a round magnet on the hinge of the hopper door. This is similar to the firebox door handle as you mentioned. Thx