Quadrafire 1000 problem

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New Member
Nov 25, 2023
Elko, Nevada
I have a quadrafire 1000 that started acting up a couple weeks ago. The exhaust blower would not always come on, them the control board started making clicking sounds. Only gave a red light.

Replaced exhaust blower, still doing it. Given the fact the control board was wigging out (relays), and not all lights were on, I figured the problem was either a bad thermocouple or control box.

Replaced thermocouple, control box still wigging out (relays clicking) and only get red light for a short time. Will not stay running.

Replaced control box, the new one now gives no lights. Will drop pellets and light but not stay burning even though the thermostat is on.

Replaced snap discs 1 and 2, still no lights on control box and will not stay burning.

I am at a complete loss where else to look. I have essentially rebuilt the damn thing and it won't work still.
Anyone else gave this particular issue? Thanks in advance.