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QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    After many trials and tribulations, I purchased a Quad 1200. Its intended use will be primary heat source for my bilevel house in Northern NJ (1440 sq ft of living space). My question relates to venting; the stove will replace an old woodburner. The chimney is lined with 7- inch square terra cotta pipe, and the chimney extends 18 feet above the point where the stove dumps into the chimney. Do you think I'll have to re-line the chimney with pellet pipe? I'm not concerned about winter, when the thing will be running on high 24-7. The problem seasons look to be spring and fall, when the stove will be cycling on and off. Thanks.


    You probably should, although you can use single wall stainless pipe if you can find it for less. The only exception might be if your chimney is located 100% within the home. In this case, it might just be warm enough to do the job. You should still run the pipe into the chimney and turn up with an el so the gases are being vented straight up.
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