Quadrafire Adventure III Control of Damper Issue- Community Please Help!

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New Member
Dec 1, 2023
First off I want to say we love our quadrafire adventure III stove. We live in rural ks and it has allowed the reliance on propane heating to completely go away. Went from spending 600-1000 per year in propane to basically using no propane. I have of recently been having an pretty big issue with the control of my stove. I've tried to resolve the issue on my own with the 2 solutions below to no avail. My issue is when the thermostat calls for heat there is no reaction from the actuator to open the damper. Same when the thermostat doesn't call for heat. I do get a response from the actuator when the clean burn button is pushed causing the damper to fully open, but it stays fully open throughout the burn and never closes.

  1. I've tried replacing the thermostat
  2. Replacing thermostat wire
  3. Replacing the actuator

Looking for the communities help at this point before I look at replacing the control board.
It sounds like you have tested or replaced things right up to the control board.