Quadrafire Castile air intake location?

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Feb 23, 2023
I have a free standing Castile that seems to be burning lazy. Feed is set correctly, and stove pushes out the heat. But it is not burning the pellets like it should. Lately I have to clean it more often and there is a lot of partially burnt pellets. I figure it is combustion air issue, but I can not find anything on where the stove draws air in, besides a bad picture of an OAK. I don't have an outside air kit installed. And can't tell where I should be looking to see if the intake side is dirty.
Look on very bottom of stove under ash pan for air inlet. Quads also pull air in from any hole/gap within ash pan. Issue may be a plugged exhaust pipe or slow turning or dirty combustion fan.
Also check the holes in the burn pot to make sure they are clean.
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