Quadrafire CB 1200 insert - how do you clean the vacuum hose?

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Sep 18, 2020
Ann Arbor, Mi
We just moved into a home with a 2 year old quadrafire CB 1200. Previous owners said they had it serviced annually and recommended we do the same. We haven't yet as I am trying to see how much of the servicing i can do myself, I've found cleaning tutorials online from Quadrafire. This is our first use of it so I thought id be able to get through at least some usage to get the hang of it before it *needs* service. The stove will sometimes just shut down and I'm not sure why. Other times I'll turn it on from the thermostat and it never ignites, just feeds some pellets and runs the exhaust fan for a while. Sometimes the rest button resolves this, but inevitably it shuts down again (maybe it hits the thermostat set temp). Either way, as the temp drops down it wont restart... it just runs the fan for a while before giving up.

I did all the most accessible cleaning, the fire pot, the heat exchangers (removed the shields), vacuumed everything out I could reach inside, outside, and behind. It was suggested to me that the vacuum hose/switch is a common culprit for unexplained shut-downs, and to clean it out. I've located it in the back behind the right-side access door, but its pretty tucked back there. How are you supposed to even get at it? Seems like you'd have to pull the insert out to even get to it.

Any advice would be helpful, next step will be paying the install company to come out.
Pulling the insert out isn't that big of a deal. It's likely connected by flex pipe to the top of your chimney so you easily can pull it out 12-18" or more to get access to the rear mechanicals. Although the stove is heavy, this is an annual cleaning procedure. If you get some pros to come out, they will also pull it out to give it a good cleaning.
Hi, I read disconnect hose remember where each end connects back too. Look if hose is good , cover one end and blow into for leaks, remove thumb and blow threw to see if clogged. Hopefully that helps.