Quadrafire insert making all kinds of rattling/squealing noises - any fix?

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Sep 18, 2020
Ann Arbor, Mi
Quadra fire Classic bay 1200 pellet insert. Hard to describe noise but its something like a rattling or a squealing, reminds me of the types of noises you get from the belt and pullies on an old motor.

The stove is 2 years old, we just moved into this house so its new to us... we had the whole system cleaned by the same company that installed it. It's hard to capture the sound since my iphone mic also picks up the blower but if you wear headphones and turn up the volume you can absolutely hear it, especially around the 10 second mark (maybe even without headphones if you have better speakers than me). I appreciate anyone who takes the time.

The first handful of times we ran the stove it didnt make this noise but it seems to slowly have gotten worse, not sure if its due to temperature change or something but it is EXTREMELY annoying. In person it is just as loud if not louder than the actual blower noise.

Does it squeak and stop and squeak and stop about
every 10 to 20 seconds and lasts for 5 seconds or longer?
it definitely isnt constant but im not sure it has a regular pattern like that, but ill listen for it. Why, what are you thinking that could indicate?
Maybe the auger motor needs to be repacked with grease
It can dry out. Pull the cover clean and repack but with not too much grease
or the auger bushings need cleaning and oil
With the auger motor out remove the auger clean the bushings and
add a little grease to them
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