Quadrafire isle royale maintenance

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Jan 5, 2018
Nw Connecticut
Good afternoon and happy summer! Here in New England it’s in the 70’s and raining. What better day to think about the winter burning season!

I’m still fairly new to a stove in the finished house, as a kid we had one in the basement and dad did maintenance although as I got older I would feed it! In my workshop I run my wood furnace at full the let it go out. I’ve replaced some bricks as they where busted, never the door gasket.

As for inside,my neighbor has a 4300 he tells me that every summer the gaskets get replaced. How about the isle royale? I see 10’ x 1/2” is the main door, what about the glass? Clean out door? Top load? Do I replace everything every year?

I’m also thinking I need to replace the rear 2 bricks with the holes in them, is this a dealer only thing? Can I just go to the local mason supply house and get the right size and drill holes?

Pictures of my bricks after we burned one season and the previous owner rod the house burned anywhere from 1 fire to 5 seasons🤷‍♂️

Also I seam to have missed placed the handle for the top load this off season. It appears to be NLA from the big on-line places. Anyone have a recommendation to someone that might have one? 834-4000 is the number in my manuals….

Quadrafire isle royale maintenance Quadrafire isle royale maintenance
Paging Jags for an Isle Royale consult.
Those bricks will work and function just fine. No need for replacement unless they start to fall out of place.
My gaskets are all original. I dont use the top load feature so no wear there. The key to the door gaskets is to not over tighten the doors. Light compression with the door latch is all that is needed.
For additional confirmation of gasket sealing, search here for the "dollar bill test". Lots of search results for testing the gaskets.
thanks is for the reply, I’ll run it the way it is for now then! I’m just one to be proactive!

I think the dollar bill test is in the manual even! I’ll try that out and order some gasket rope just in case. I might even find some bricks just in case too, Ive got 15 cord drying, why should I burn heating oil!
Be aware that the aisle Royal uses the pumice style bricks not the solid dense ones you get from the big box stores. And yes there is a difference. Most notable difference is in the reflectivity of the brick
US Stove sells 6 packs of pumice firebrick at a lower price. I am trying a few of them out in our stove. So far after on season they are doing well.
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