Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE - combustion blower motor

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Oct 9, 2008
My stove has recently started acting "off". A new pallet of terrible pellets (Western Wood Products - not recommended) was when the problems started, but i think it might be deeper than that.

Symptoms are a lazy fire. Very little ash outside the ash pot, ash tray full with fine ash, fire port getting very full of pellets and occasional burning up the chute. I think the problem is likely the combustion fan - but the only error I am getting is an occasional "auger jammed" and I know full well that this stove identifies vacuum/fan issues readily and quickly.

Does the lack of any error message around the combustion fan or vacuum switch indicate a different issue, or am i barking up the right tree?

Thanks for any advice.


Minister of Fire
Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
With bad pellets im betting the exhaust is pretty clogged up. Give it a good clean out inside the stove to the termination of the vent pipe. Pull the combustion blower also.
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