Quadrafire Mt Vernon Roars like a freight train !


Nov 6, 2014
I have a Quadrafire Mt Vernon, pre AE edition. Stove I believe was made around 2004 ash.
I purchased this stove last summer and just begun using this winter season.

Stove for all purposes runs fine, with the exception it 'Roars like a freight train' !!!
At first start, the stove is rather quiet, but when the second blower kicks in after several minutes or starting,
that's when it gets extremely noisy. It's so loud it's difficult to hear the TV, as such we had to buy a TV Sound Bar to overcompensate the noise of the stove.

What is the second blower that kicks in ? Combustion Blower ?
Is this the normal operation and loudness of this stove, or do I have an issue ?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated !


Minister of Fire
Sep 14, 2014
The second blower to kick on is the convection fan that blows heat into the room. Are you sure it is the blower and not too much fuel in pot? If it is the blower, I would take it out and clean it and check spin for bad bearings. May need to replace it. If there is too much fuel in pot, it restricts air flow, and can cause a freight train sound. And I would download an owners manual, so you know functions of your stove. Could save you some coin down the road. kap