Quadrfire ACC operation question...

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Apr 19, 2009
nw New Jersey
Hi all. I have a question about the operation of the ACC system. I have a 2006 5700 with the ACT system so to keep a fire putting out good heat I have to adjust the main air control rod in the front every hour or so or the temperature just continues to drop as it burns down to a coal bed. I saw a statement on forge and flame web site that stated "...as the day progresses, ACC will continue to nurture your fire with air as needed to keep it going , leaving you free to take on your day........ok sounds peachy... but I have watched a bunch of videos and read what I can find on the web about this system but what I have seen with the newer ACC system seems to create a timed method for startup with a way to cancel if you desire but I don't see any part of the system during the burn cycle "nurturing your fire with air" i.e. increasing the amount of air delivered to the fire so the temperature (lo, medium or high) doesn't just continue to drop like my stove will do if I don't constantly adjust the air. I'm thinking like the bimetal coils on some old school stoves that opened an air door with spring pressure as the temp. dropped in the stove . Stoves like this usually had a numbered knob that you set the dial too and that controlled the amount of "heat"....meaning controlling the distance the air door would open. I don't need the start up gizmos...I don't have any problem getting fires started but it's the extended consistent burn that I'm looking for with out constant fiddling .....I have been looking at replacing my stove with another 5700 ACC or maybe a 4300........maybe I'm missing something..... I have inquired about these stoves at dealers in my area but no one has them in the show room so I could take a closer look at how they work..... any information from folks that have one of these stoves would be helpful. Thanks for any info...... homie
The ACT is just a start up air control. The ACC is a bit more sophisticated, but as I understand it, the ACC will not thermostatically regulate the fire by opening up the air incrementally as the fire burns down. Some stoves like those from Blaze King and Vermont Castings have thermostatic air control.
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Likely you won't be able to actually see the inner workings. BeGreen is correct, the ACT is for startup. The guy that designed the ACT (former owner of Quad) is a dear friend and told me once to think of it as an egg timer. The idea of having extra at the beginning of the start up is to help reduce emissions.

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Of the 177 wood heater certificates listed with EPA, only 14 remain eligible for sale in FNSB.