Question about telescoping stove pipe.

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New Member
Jan 10, 2023
Alexandria, Louisiana
I removed a brick hearth and replaced it with a tile hearth which left a 3 inch gap in the stovepipe running to the ceiling. The original stovepipe is a telescoping pipe and I was wondering how to extend it the 3 inches so I can reattach it . Is there a trick to this?
What I did was attach it to the chimney adapter at the ceiling first so I had something to pull down against.
Take the screws out at the middle. What length is it now? Do you know it will go longer?
Thank you for the responses. There doesn’t appear to be any screws in the stove pipe I will try your suggestion.
I'd google and read the installation directions. I know on mine they tell you to install screws in the center. If for some reason the top let go the pipe would collapse, that might be exciting with the stove burning.