Question on Englander 25PDVC Convection (not combustion) Airflow

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Nov 21, 2023
Litchfield, NH
Good Morning All!
New to the forums (and to pellet stoves); I've recently moved into a house w/ a 25PDVC. I'm just curious about the proper convection airflow for this stove. Are the louvers to either side of the door for intake or outlet? The only area I feel the warm convection air being forcibly exhausted is the row of round holes at very top of the front face of the unit, wasn't sure if it was normal for no air to be coming out of the louvers.

Thanks in advance!
That is normal. The side grills are for show. I've toyed with the idea of putting some fans in there to pull some more warm air out but haven't done it.

One area to look out for on these is the distribution blower on the right side. The fan blades can get caked with dust, hair etc., and why in the name of heaven Englander didn't put a removable plate there like they did for the exhaust blower is beyond me. Then at least you could vacuum it off. We have a dog that sheds a lot and it was clogged with dog hair and dust. If you have an air nozzle with a long tube on it you can get to it from underneath and the side but it's a pain and very messy.
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