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    We are considering a soapstone stove from Woodstock Soapstone Co. in New Hampshire. They are pricey - $2000, but are absolutely gorgeous. I have 3 small children and am concerned about how hot these stoves get on the outside. Of course we will keep them away from it, and I understand that all stoves are hot, but are these kind "cooler" on the outside than say a metal stove? Also I saw on one of the Q&A that putting in a stove was $1500-2500 - does that include making the stone floor also? Our stove will be on an outside wall and is on the first floor - it's not THAT far to the ceiling and the roof! Also do you have to reinforce the floor underneath since these stoves weigh 480 lbs? Thank you for your help - we are new to woodstoves.


    The outside of a soapstone stove will still reach high temperatures of 300-500 degrees or hotter. This may be 100-200 cooler than some other stoves, but would still burn you.

    The cost of installation depends on whether you do it yourself or have it done. If you have the chimney put in by a pro, figure $1,500 for a straight up 6" Class A (one story).

    The floor protection can cost $200. to $500. You may need some wall protection depending on how close the stove has to be to the rear...figure $300+ if you need this done.

    You do not usually need to re-support the floor...however, if the floor is weal and you are going to use real brick or stone, the contractor may put a brace or pier under the hearth area just to be sure.
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