Rais Visio 3 error on air vent and not getting secondary combustion

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New Member
Mar 3, 2021
Hey. My first post.
I have a new Rais visio 3 (bought late 2020 in Norway) with a brand new 200 mm Shiedel steel chimney. At the top, I have an Exodraft fan since there is no draft without it (because of the placement of chimney and nearby buildings). The primary air is coming directly from outside with a 150 mm tube mounted directly to the Rais. It is one vent (for both primary and secondary air).

The "problem" I'm facing, is that when shutting the primary vent all the way to zero, the flames are not "dying". On my parents stove (Rais 500-3) the flames are "dying" when closing the air vent all the way to 0%. They have an origianl chimeny 150mm from 1985, and air taken directly from the living room (so, not so good draft, and not so good air supply as I have). When they close the vent to 50% (middle position), the flames are very calm and ghost-like, and they get a hotter stove for longer than on my Visio 3.

Is the Rais visio supposed to be like this, not able to completely shut down the flames? I also am not sure about the secondary burning/combustion that I have seen online, where I get "ghost flames". That never occur on the Visio 3. I once got some ghost looking flames nearby the holes (tertiary?) in the back, after re-fueling more wood.

Here is a video where you can see how the flames are, and how long it burns:

Does this look OK, or am I missing something. Thanks :)