Ravelli Roma

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New Member
Sep 4, 2021
New Hampshire
Hello, new member here. We just had a Ravelli Roma installed this year. The season is approaching and I have a few questions. What should I keep on hand for spare parts? Does this Roma work with a remote thermostat? What are the recommended pellets to burn? I see a bunch of them for sale/on sale, how much of a difference does it make using or knowing the quality of the pellets? I know the place where we purchased the stove would like us to buy their hard wood pellets or blended pellets. What do you have the best results with? This is a great forum, thank you.


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Welcome to the forum
You will not need to keep any spare parts as long as your stove is under warranty.
What you will keep is up to you and how much money you want to invest in parts
Pellets you are about to get an education my best advice is to buy a few bags
of what is around you and decide what works best for you. Hardwood, softwood,
or a blend. I use hardwood of a very good quality (Cubix) they work best for me.
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